Salomé Bernhard

3D   Installation   Print   Volume


Social Capital

for Marina Tulin
Book cover

Mapping BookBinding

for Simon Ruaut
Wooden poster display

Ketelhuisplein DDW17

with La Bolleur
Art direction

Mapping the studio

with Studio Joost Grootens
Research and illustrations

Sagmeister & Walsh's studio

"Idealized places" (1/3)
Model (1:25)

U.S.A Tour

"Idealized places" (2/3)
3d modeling (1:50.000)


"Idealized places" (3/3)
Cement mortar (1:1)

Sagmeister & Walsh's studio Box

Internship application gift
Model (1:50)

Idealized places

3 projects, 3 scales, 1 imaginary world
Master project display